Taoglas Waste Technologies™ creates sustainable smart waste solutions through technology, empowering enterprises, connecting cities and enabling the waste industry to better manage their waste assets. We are on a mission to integrate technology into the world’s most resource intensive industries, to drive efficiency, enhance operational performance, and reduce CO2 emissions. Our range of smart hardware and software solutions integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, transforming the management of waste through deep insights and analytics.

Taoglas Waste Insights™ is the leading smart waste management platform for enterprises and municipalities to centralize cost savings and help optimize profitability of assets. Built for waste management professionals to manage their entire waste network from bin, to truck to depot, the software platform includes modules for administration and CRM, financial management, asset management, service management, routing and telematics as well as logistics and reporting.

Taoglas Waste Technologies is part of Taoglas, a leading global provider of advanced technology for a smarter world. With world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, along with support and test centres globally, Taoglas has proven expertise across the transportation, waste management, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries.

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How Taoglas Waste Technologies Solution Works

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IoT hardware

Connecting all Waste assets from vehicle to waste containers we use low-cost sensors and hardware that monitor everything from the fill levels, vehicle health, safety, amount and types of material in a container to temperature, and bin location.

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Seamless smart waste ERP platform

Complete end to end solution providing full visibility into and control over the thousands of bins, vehicles and locations. Modules based on Asset Management Fleet Management, Operation Management, Citizen Management, Smart Waste Analytics, Sustainability Reporting

Image for High performance network

High performance network

World class network providers are used to connect sensors throughout the city and transmit the data they produce in real time. Multiple connectivity options available such as NB-IoT, LoRa, Cat-M1 etc.

Image for Machine learning and data analytics

Machine learning and data analytics

Software that predicts, analyses and interprets vast amounts of data trends in order to automate intelligence for both waste operations and its environmental impact.